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In this mega episode, Jon and Wendy sat down face to face with a microphone LIVE from SHRM18 in Chicago, IL!  Jon tells a story that's bound to become HRSocialHour legend, they ask each other questions that you the listeners developed, Wendy does her best Linda Belcher impression, and more.  You'll laugh, you'll cry (maybe), you'll definitely learn a lot more about your hosts.

How to contact Wendy:

How to contact Jon: (Jon's other podcast that's finally discussed on this show)

Be sure to join us the 4th Sunday of each month at 7 PM Eastern for the #HRSocialHour Twitter chat!

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We're joined by Paula Harvey, Vice President of Human Resources for Schulte Building Systems in Hockley, TX.  It's hard to describe just how special this episode turned out to be as Wendy and Paula decided they're sisters!  Family being made on the podcast...

Paula's recommendations:

How to reach Paula:

Be sure to join us June 24, 2018 at 7 PM Eastern for the #HRSocialHour chat on Twitter where we'll talk about #SHRM18 and #NotAtSHRM18!

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We're joined by Jessica Miller-Merrell, founder of Workology. We talk about why she started #NotAtSHRM, upcoming enhancements to the Workology site, and Jessica and Jon connect over classic rock and marching band!

Jessica's recommendations:

How to reach Jessica: (request to join the Not At SHRM group)

Last chance to get your questions into us for the "Jon & Wendy Talk to Each Other" episode is June 15, 2018. Be sure to join us the 4th Sunday of each month for the #HRSocialHour Twitter chat!   

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In this special edition, Jon talks to Gordon Collier, Owner of Pipeline Search Solutions and creator/host of the My Career FIT podcast. Jon and Gordon talk about their parallel career tracks in Richmond, how HR and recruiting is the Collier family business, and why Gordon decided to start his podcast to market job opportunites to prospective candidates.

Listen to My Career FIT at or on your favorite podcast platform.

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We're joined by Cheryl Nelson, Human Resources Manager with Robins Kaplan LLP in Minneapolis, MN. We talk about the changes she's seen in HR and the legal profession during her career, the benefits of blogging, and she tells us where the skeletons are buried.

Cheryl's recommendations: (Sharlyn Lauby)

How to reach Cheryl:

Be sure to submit your questions for the hosts by 06/15/18 as Jon and Wendy will be interviewing each other during #SHRM18, and join us the 4th Sunday of each month for the #HRSocialHour on Twitter!

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In this special episode, Wendy talks to Justin Kruger of KyndHub, an online community for practicing, sharing and inspiring kindfulness.

To learn more, visit


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