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In this special SHRM19 episode, Wendy is joined by Caron Greaves, managing director of Choice HR Limited. We talk about reward & recognition and you will get a few great ideas from the conversation - but be sure to hit her session for more great ways to engage your employees.
Caron is speaking in a concurrent session on Monday, June 24 at 4:15 PM and will be signing copies of her book in the SHRM store immediately following her session (and I'm hoping to get her in a Facebook live session around that time as well so be sure you are following us on Facebook so you don't miss it).

In this special SHRM19 episode Wendy is joined by SHRM19 speaker S. Renee Smith, speaker, author & coach. She will be talking about personal brand and we have a great conversation around some of what she will be sharing in her presentation and pre-conference workshop.

S. Renee's mega session on Defining & Communicating your Personal Brand to Increase your Visibility, Credibility & Career Opportunities is Monday, 6/24 at 1:30 p.m.
The pre-conference workshop will help you develop your personal brand to make that leap to the executive level. There is an extra fee for this 15 credit session, which has sessions on June 22-24.
Connect with S. Renee via her website or via email at

We're joined by Laura Mazzullo, HR Recruitment Specialist and owner of East Side Staffing in New York, NY.  We talk about why Laura started her own company, the challenges third party and corporate recruiters often face with managers, as well as how social media has helped Laura engage with the larger HR community.

Laura's recommendation: (Marina Byezhanova)

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In our second crossover show, we welcome Brandon Laws, host of the "Transform Your Workplace" podcast and Director of Marketing for Xenium HR in Portland, OR.  We talk about marketing an HR consultancy, the issues Brandon sees occurring with Xenium's customers, and why he podcasts about our profession.  Jon also shares the biggest secret to date about the podcast.

Brandon's recommendation:

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Check out our episode of "Transform Your Workplace" here.

The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption "Adoption Friendly Workplace" survey can be found here.

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Wendy & Anne talk to Natalie J. Egan, CEO of Translator, pioneering Diversity & Inclusion technology. Natalie identifies as a transgender woman and Anne had the opportunity to meet her at the SHRM Diversity & Inclusion conference in 2018. We had a fantastic conversation about why words matter and how HR can help staff be supportive of all employees, regardless of how they identify.
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We're joined by Andrew Morton, Director of Social Engagement for SHRM.  Andrew is a return guest as part of Mental Health Awareness Month as he published an article earlier in the month regarding his own struggle over the last many years.  We want to bring this topic to the forefront and appreciate Andrew being willing to share his story and insights with us on how as HR leaders we can help employees and their managers work through this challenging process.

Andrew's book recommendations:

Man's Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl

The Power of Vulnerability by Brene Brown

Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging by Sebastian Junger

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In this special #SHRM19 episode, Jon is joined by Val Grubb, HR consultuant, coach, author, speaker, and owner of Val Grubb & Associates in New Orleans, LA.  We talk about how her background in engineering prepared her for Human Resources, how she gets ready to present 4 different sessions at conference, and Val shares her favorite things to do in Las Vegas.

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Jon and Wendy will be at #SHRM19! Be sure to look for us there and join us for a special LIVE edition of the #HRSocialHour chat on Twitter June 23 at 7 PM ET.

We're joined by Victorio Milian, a Human Resources professional with Humareso in New York, NY.  We talk about the challenges he sees his clients facing, tokenism and true inclusion, and Victorio's passion for photography.

Victorio's recommendation: (Jazmine Wilkes)

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In this special episode, Jon is joined by Jameson Fauver, Vice President of Business Development for Kashable.  They talk about how Kashable started, how employees can get loans that are repaid via payroll deductions, and how companies are seeing employees utilize Kashable instead of taking money out of their retirement accounts.

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We're joined by Osasu Arigbe, an HR professional in Washington, DC.  We talk about how Osasu moved from accounting to HR, being part of the SHRM Blog Squad, and "The Sound of Music."

Osasu's recommendation: (Steve Browne)

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